[Video] HubLink For Charter Companies: An Introduction

HubLink is a new enterprise application that streamlines asset management workflows and helps users communicate rapidly. Let’s explore the ways HubLink helps charter companies manage their fleets and access customers twenty-four hours a day.

After we add your company’s vessels to the system, you’ll be able to see your entire fleet on a single screen.

Use simple buttons and dropdown menus to set each vessel’s availability. Your customers now know exactly what’s available for charter in real time, twenty-four hours a day, wherever you’re at the office, at home, or on the road.

If you negotiate a charter agreement with a customer, set your vessel’s status to “Hired.” This will let you know just how much your fleet is earning on any given day.

If you want to document the charter agreement for accounting or legal reasons, HubLink can help with that too.

Just select “Send an Agreement” from the status screen and fill out the details.

HubLink uses DocuSign to manage electronic signatures. After the application generates the agreement, it'll be delivered to your email inbox. Find the document there, and follow DocuSign’s instructions. After you finish, click “Signature Complete” inside HubLink. The application will then send the agreement to your customer.

After the operator signs it, you’ll find the final document archived in your list of agreements.

If you work with a team, HubLink can help you manage who’s on call. Just toggle on that person’s notifications, and the user will be able to manage your fleet and negotiate charters on your company’s behalf.

HubLink also offers users a range of important notifications. These include offers and messages from operators, notifications that new operators have joined the system, and SOS drills and alerts. In the event of an offshore emergency, HubLink’s SOS function can help our user network get assets and response crews in the field faster.

To create an alert, press the “SOS” option in the main menu. Select whether it’s a drill or a live emergency, and type a brief description of the event.

When you click “Send,” the message will be delivered to the entire HubLink user network. Users with relevant response assets will respond to your request. And you can initiate a dialogue with them.

Streamlined asset management, instant emergency notification -- use HubLink to move beyond tangled email chains and endless follow-up phone calls. In the office, at home, or on the road — we can help you reclaim the time you spend researching and negotiating charters and improve the safety of your operations.

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