"How do I add new users to my company's account?"

Adding new users to your company's HubLink account is very easy. We've outlined the process below using a fictitious company called XYZ Marine. The process is identical for boat owners and operators. 

Adding Your Company's First User

First, let's imagine John Doe is XYZ Marine's VP of Sales. He discovers HubLink, downloads it from the iOS app store, and sets up XYZ Marine's first account using the following information:


As the first user to set up a company account, John Doe is now XYZ marine's primary administrator or "Super Admin." In addition to vessel- and charter-related tasks, John can remove, promote, and demote other users as necessary by clicking "Users" in the HubLink navigation menu.

We'll explore this in more detail below.

Adding Additional Users to Your Company Account

Let's imagine John Doe wants to add his colleague Jane Jones to XYZ Marine's account. Making note of the two areas highlighted in green above, he might send her a message like this:

Hi, Jane:

We're going to be using HubLink to manage our offshore operations. Please download the application from the iOS app store:


When setting up your account, please be sure to enter XYZ Marine in the "Company" field and select "I'm a Vessel Owner" at the bottom of the screen.

- John

If XYZ were an offshore platform operator, John would ask Jane to select "I'm an Operator" instead.

After Jane creates her account, John will see a notification asking him to approve her as a company user. John can do so by selecting "Users" from the HubLink navigation menu and shifting Jane Jones' toggle to "Active."


Jane is now free to use HubLink on XYZ Marine's behalf.

If John wants to promote Jane to an admin, he can just click "Promote." If, at a later date he wants to demote, remove, or deactivate her, John can do so using the relevant buttons.

About User Roles

HubLink has three different user roles: Super Admin, Admin, and User. Except for the first company user (John Doe, in the example above), everyone joins HubLink as an inactive user.

Please note, an in-app billing management feature ("Manage Company Billing" below) is currently in development, and "Manage Company Account" includes all core HubLink features. These would include updating vessel statuses, searching for vessels, sending messages and charter offers, &c.

Role View Users Activate Users Remove Users Promote/Demote Users Manage Company Billing Manage Company Account

Super Admin



If you have any questions about or issues with user management, feel free to post them below or email them to info@usehublink.com

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