Assigning a Notification Recipient for Your Company

Given that many companies use an "on call" personnel system, HubLink allows users to designate which company's user should receive push notifications; negotiate, accept, and decline charter offers; and message with other users.

By default, your company's super admin -- often the first person at your company to set up an account -- is your company's communications point person. However, if your account has more than one user, designating this person is very easy.

  1. Access your user management screen by clicking the three vertical lines in the upper left corner of the screen and then clicking "Users."

  2. Next, find the user you want to designate and toggle on the slider beside "Notify."

    By default, your screen will look something like this:

    If I wanted to make Jane Doe my company's notification point person, I'd toggle her on as follows:


Please note, to keep communications as streamlined as possible, only one user can be toggled on at a time. Toggling on one user means deactivating the other.

Lastly, only the user who's toggled on will see these kinds of notifications in his or her notification screen (and associated dropdown selector):

  • User Messages
  • Pending Charter Offers
  • Accepted Charter Offers
  • Declined Charter Offers

Also, only this person will be able to send and receive messages.

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